Current Lab Members

Steph McAfee - Assistant Professor 775-784-6999

Steph is an applied climatologist interested in developing climate and climate change information suitable for management decisions.  Most of her work has focused on Alaska and the western U.S.

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Randy Striplin - Ph.D. Student

Randy is a US Forest Service Fire Ecologist and PhD student of Geography. Here in the lab he studies fire and weather/climate related interactions, especially those impacting fire management. He enjoys hanging with his family, backcountry skiing, making annoying sounds with his guitar, hiking with his dogs, and  hitting a little white ball with a stick.

Applied Climate Lab Alumni


Sonia Heckler - Undergraduate Student

Sonia is a graduate student in the Geography Department, investigating the microclimates inside of hoop houses.  She is interested in applied science and outreach.  In her free time, she likes to hike and telemark ski.


Cleo McAfee - Salmon expert

Cleo had significant interests in salmon, halibut, napping, and manipulating humans to do her bidding.  She will be sorely missed.